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Bizzuka has one of the best website solutions on the market today - designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses, and we back it up with outstanding service and support.

Don't take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say.

Aqua-Tech Services

"My overall experience with Bizzuka exceeded my expectations, even having worked with the team before. From start to finish, I was reminded of why I chose to use Bizzuka to completely redefine our image. We now have a clean, informative, user friendly website that I know people will return to often. We accomplished my main goal which was to showcase the company with integrity and professionalism. It is after all… our primary sales person!

I can’t thank everyone enough for all their hard work. Nicole was encouraging and so upbeat, helped and was attentive in every turn. The design team came up with an exceptional look and brought together everything I envisioned. Katie 2.0 was even more knowledgeable and fun to learn from then when I trained with her the first time. Her videos are an enormous help and made me feel a lot more confident about making changes and working on my own.

You guys really are the best in the business! Attitude and Skill… a Standard of Excellence!"

, Marketing Manager
Aqua-Tech Services

Longview Chamber of Commerce

"The primary draw for us was the CMS (Content Management System,) which is as easy to learn and use as Word. This is significant because many CMS require some level of understanding of html code. Modification even of the navigation is a drag and drop process. ...the customer support of Bizzuka is Excellent A++. They are almost immediate, friendly and the best I have ever worked with."

, Senior Vice President
Longview Chamber of Commerce

Christian Community Credit Union

"We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your attentiveness and willingness to tackle whatever we bring your way. You are exemplary in your customer service and we are so happy to be partnered with you for our website!"

, Graphic Design Specialist
Christian Community Credit Union

Delta College of Arts & Technology

"Every time I have contacted Bizzuka, there's been a courteous person to assist or to redirect the request to another courteous person who can help with our issue."

Tsunami Sushi

"I got a great big compliment on the design of our website from a woman in New Orleans who purchased a gift card online. She thought it was very well done for a restaurant site and was easy to navigate. THANKS!"

, Owner
Tsunami Sushi

AIMS, Inc.

"Our new site is live and all that remains is the SEO update from your team, scheduled for the end of July... I have nothing but great things to say about your people and your commitment to our success."

David Dorries, Director of Sales
AIMS, Inc.

Community Foundation of Acadiana

"I love the Live Chat feature of the Bizzuka website. I use this very frequently. I find it to be very helpful when I am in the middle of editing my site and have a quick question or two. The customer support staff is very friendly, patient and knowledgeable. This allows me to get the answer to my question, keep working and finish my edits. Kudos to Bizzuka for adding this feature! In addition, I find that when I do need to email the team for an issue, I receive a quick response via that method as well. I have been very pleased with Bizzuka's customer support!"

Capital Area Transit System

"You guys did an amazing job on this project. Our new website is attractive and also user friendly. I appreciate your team effort on this project. If you need references for any proposal, I am more than happy to provide them for you."

Kiran Vemuri, Planning Manager
Capital Area Transit System

Children's Museum of Acadiana

"CMA loves its new Web site. We have never had the opportunity to be so up to date on our site before. You have no idea what you have done for the CMA. You will always be the A-team for us."

Marvita Hudson, Trustee
Children's Museum of Acadiana

City of Baker (LA) Schools

"The training experience was absolutely excellent and your follow-up is right on point. I've been around a lot to have seen many trainings and I know the wide array of proficiencies among the persons you are working with. You simply presented a quality professional development opportunity for our personnel. It was well-paced, you were patient, you were thorough, organized and well-planned. Again thanks. It was surely what we needed it to be to propel us into the next steps towards launching our new site. No one regrets having attended and all left feeling good about your product, their ability to manage it and the potential it has for helping our district. The participant evaluations also support this."

Everrett Parker

City of Gonzales Fire Department

"The site looks fantastic! This is an absolute approval of the work done so far. You and your team have made this project effortless so far."

Darrin Cagnolatti

Classic Golden Pecans

"Bizzuka's customer service and quality of design is excellent. People compliment our site often. Now that Bizzuka has added its online marketing service, not only can we trust it for our Web design and ecommerce needs,but our Internet marketing as well."
Bill Bowers, Owner
Global Imaging Systems

"Thanks so much for taking the time to present to the Global marketing group. You did a great job keeping on schedule while still presenting very informative and interesting information on the topic of social media. Thanks!"

Suzanne Bernardo
Global Imaging Systems

Louisiana Nursing Home Association

"I believe this is one of the finest sites I've ever seen. From the pictures to the graphics to the layout, it's eye-catching and easy to maneuver through the different areas. You and your staff did an excellent job. And I know Anne was instrumental in populating the site and working closely with your staff to get the job done."

Joseph A. Donchess, Executive Director
Louisiana Nursing Home Association

Onebane Law Firm

"I'm most impressed with the responsiveness of the Bizzuka staff. They are quick to respond to requests and the knowledge of the staff has been great. Anything that we come up with that we need, we call and it's done! Onebane is a huge cheerleader for Bizzuka and have referred the company to many other law firms."
Jane Guidry, Director of Marketing
Onebane Law Firm

Romero Financial Group

"I just wanted to let you know that I spent half an hour on the phone Friday morning with Duke Hillard. He was great! I called with one question and he ended up teaching me how I can make our website easier to manage. It was very informative! I really appreciated the time and attention he gave me, since I am not a technical person at all.

You have got a great person on your staff and I just wanted to let you know."

April P. Shockey
Director of Operations
The Romero Financial Group

S3 Pump Service

"We are very pleased with our site and appreciate all your help throughout the process. Keep up the great work! You have an awesome team working for you! Thanks again for everything."
Nichole Scates,Office Assistant

Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance

"A local non-profit organization contacted me for a reference of Bizzuka this morning. Of course, I gave them glowing feedback about the ease of using and editing our website and how professional ours looks. I believe you will be getting a new client very soon!"

Leslie J. Hartwell, Research Director

T Baker Smith, Inc.

"Our project manager is a joy to work with! She did an excellent job and didn't seem bothered by my 'stupid' questions along the way. I am very happy with the service I received from Bizzuka!"
Paula Schouest, Corporate Marketing Director
T. Baker Smith, Inc.

Tech Oil Products

"The website is AWESOME! We are beyond pleased with the design and navigation. As for our traffic, we have seen a solid 48% increase in traffic since our launch with Bizzuka!"

Caroline Wilson, Marketing Director

The Jewelry Factory

"The Jewelry Factory has been on the web since the 90's and has worked with a handful of web design firms over the years. Our current association with Bizzuka and their very flexible platform has been a great partnership.

We had over 5,000 sku's to organize and bring on from an old site that had ceased to function properly. The Bizzuka design was just what we needed, the implementation was well organized and timely.

Editing the site via their very friendly interface has made it work well with even our least technically-minded staff. We're in the business of selling fine jewelry and our Bizzuka website enables us to keep our eyes on our business with a minimum of time spent on the website details."

Bruce Spiegel, President
The Jewelry Factory
North Hollywood, California USA

West Baton Rouge Parish Assessor

"I just wanted to let you know that I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP in adding the 2006 & 2007 reports. As a matter of fact, it's already done!! I thought I would need you to get me started, but I just decided to see if I could figure it out and it was actually quite simple after looking at how some of the other parts of our website were setup.

Adding the two years worth of reports was somewhat similar to the way I update (weekly) the sales reports on our website. The editing process is very logical, the screen layouts practically point you in the direction of your next move. THIS IS A WONDERFUL PRODUCT!"

Chris Guerin, Deputy Assessor
WBR Parish Assessor's Office

Franczyk Financial Group

"I have to thank Jennifer and Lonnie for all of their help on our intranet. They were also quick to respond to any question I had. Your team is awesome! Again, thanks to all of you for your support. This is an incredible tool and is so easy to use!"

Vicki Rhea , Associate Financial Representative
Robert G. Skaggs, CLU, ChFC

Lane Regional Medical Center

"Lane Regional Medical Center is a growing healthcare organization located in the city of Zachary. Our previous Web site was static and not very user friendly. With Bizzuka, our new Web site is eye catching, easy for customers to navigate and easy for us to keep content and physician listings up to date. The ability to receive job applications online is also a real bonus. We are very pleased with the progress we have made with their help."
Randall Olson, CEO

Miles Perret Center / Games of Acadiana

"The online registration form has worked out GREAT. I think we have almost 150 people registered online for game day. Also, having the registration forms available for the stand alone events worked well too. All in all everything has worked out beautifully!! Thanks for all the wonderful support that you have given us (me especially!!). Have a great day!"
Laura St. Pierre-Slavich
Development Director

Northwestern Mutual Life - Teague Financial Network

"First of all let me say that this intranet site is beginning to be a big hit in our agency. We have received very positive feedback from Representatives concerning the site. They like the idea of having one place to go to for all of the agency's information and they especially like the idea of going 'paperless'.

Let me give you an example of the time that this site can save for the staff members who are running it. On Tuesday, since we are still printing everything on paper, I spent approximately 1˝ hours of my time making 125 photocopies of the month end production reports. It took me so long to do this because I can't count the number of times that the copier kept jamming up! Then, after that ordeal was all over, I went to my computer and spent about 2 minutes posting the same report to the site. No hassles and they were there immediately for all to see! I can give you numerous other examples, but the email is too long already. This is so user friendly, it's amazing. This is going to be an incredible tool for our agency."

Edie Rowles
Teague Financial Network - Northwestern Mutual Life

Special Olympics Louisiana

"The first time I talked with Bizzuka owners, I was immediately impressed by comments that conveyed a strong commitment to customer service. Subsequent follow-up by Bizzuka staff convinced me the commitment was genuine. Not only were commitments honored, but expectations exceeded. Staff was professional, explained the thought process on suggested changes, and helped us to develop a site that met our needs and conveyed our organization's professionalism. We would strongly recommend Bizzuka to anyone who needs website assistance and content management."
Pat Carpenter, President & CEO



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