Relevant Messaging

Relevant Messaging and Collaboration Platform

The first group messaging platform with
a relentless focus on
noise reduction.

Thin out your inbox by getting your company, division, church group, team, or business unit to start using Thinbox.

Follow relevant topics, not useless chattering.
All men were created equal. Messages, not so much.

Why is it that email, social media, and social enterprise tools all subject us to a constant stream of chatter, spam, replies-to-all, and noise that bury the really important stuff?

With Thinbox, you follow topics, not people.

Important messages get categorized before they go out, allowing recipients to receive messages on topics they deem important. After all, shouldn't we, as recipients, ultimately decide whether a message is relevant or important?

As a recipient, you get to decide exactly how and where you receive those messages, so the really important and urgent stuff is always found in one, neat little place...Thinbox.

Get important information fast.
Before you send out a message in Thinbox, you select the level of urgency so truly urgent matters stand out.

Important messages (they're all important in Thinbox, otherwise they'd just go to your inbox) are coded with a blue outline. Urgent messages get an orange outline. Extremely urgent matters are red with white text so they command attention.

You can prioritize your reading within the blink of an eye.

No more scrolling and scanning headlines to filter out the unimportant messages only to overlook an urgent message.

Select how and where you want to receive messages.
App? Desktop? Text? Email? Your choice.

Thinbox provides the ultimate opt-in scenario. Since communications are broken down into topics and subtopics (or categories and subcategories), you not only get to select which messages you receive, but you also determine exactly how you receive those messages.

Some messages you might just as soon have show up in your inbox. Other messages you might want to receive as text messages. And still other messages, you might want to receive directly into your Thinbox app.

With your Thinbox app, you can keep all the important stuff in one tidy location that is guaranteed to be free of spam

There's a Thinbox app for the iPhone and Android devices, and there's even a Thinbox desktop widget for PCs and Macs.

Discuss it and turn off the noise when you're finished.

Each message can be crafted to invite immediate, in-app collaboration or to simply alert recipients to important information.

Messages can also be configured to allow and encourage recipients to share the message via text, email, or social media. This gives messages additional lift in exposure or the appropriate amount of privacy.

Problems can be solved in seconds using the Thinbox discussion feature.

If you've finished your side of the conversation, you can simply stop following the discussion. Imagine all the reply-to-all messages saying "Ok," "Thanks," or "J" you just eliminated.

There. Doesn't that feel better?

Send messages into all channels from one page.

With a single click, you can send a message to your designated recipients and at the same time, publish the message into your organization's Twitter feed, Facebook feed, website, intranet, or any other RSS capable reader.

Plus, you can optionally give your recipients the ability to share the message into their own Facebook and Twitter feeds or forward it on to friends via email or text message.

There's no faster or easier way to get private or public information out there.


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