Partners Information

Partners Information

No doubt you're a successful agency with a wide choice of potential web design partner options, so why us? Simple.

Our commitment to providing the finest Web solution at an affordable price translates into our partner network. Your agency is intimately involved with your client's branding. No one would be better than you at designing your client's site, and the results only get better when you utilize the most powerful CMS solution on the market.

Bizzuka's platform provides with you countless tools - tools to assist you in designing complex websites for a fraction of the tens of thousands your competition is spending.

We make the process of building your client a sophisticated and powerful website extremely easy. Simply provide us with your most creative design, and we take care of the rest. Access site administration tools over the Web instantly, from any computer, anywhere, without having to install special software.

"My clients know that their website is their front door to the their clients, or to prospective customers. They want their websites to look great, have a lot of features and be easy to navigate and update, all in an affordable package... When my clients are happy, that makes me very happy. Best of all, Bizzuka's team members are simply great to work with.
Rob Davis, President
Our solution allows you to design for your customer without having to worry about "maintaining graphic standards." We can also help you reduce scope creep and make the entire production process go smoothly. We'll even teach your clients how to use our CMS with a private one-on-one training session. Afterwards, our customer support line or 24/7/365 customer support website will keep those clients smiling ear to ear. Our job at Bizzuka is to make your clients happy so you look good!

Other Bizzuka benefits:

  • We eliminate the need for programmers or freelancers.
  • We develop a tight site plan and utilize our extensive experience to eliminate errors and reworks.
  • We manage the implementation stage while preserving your design integrity.
  • Most sites are deployed within 3 days of final comp approval, reducing account management time (and delivering you a higher profit margin).
  • Our flexible platform allows control of your client's site from any computer.
  • Our software makes it easy and affordable to update your client's design in the future with a "facelift" - no need to start from scratch with a new site.
At Bizzuka, we understand how important it is to deliver an integrated Web solution to match your customer's corporate brand. Over the past 10 years, we've provided customized Web solutions for over 1,000 organizations.

Bizzuka Partner Program

As a Partner, you have wholesale licensing rights to the OnDeCC platform and can still offer any related services to your client. For instance, if you provide design services, partnering with Bizzuka furnishes you with a superior technology solution in a substantially reduced time frame.

On the other hand, if your company provides consulting services, you can help your clients get their intranets or websites running in record time. The Bizzuka development team can design and implement the skin for the site, and you can help your client organize content and streamline their operations with our On-Demand app library.

You retain 100% of your normal creative fees and have the tools to provide additional Internet marketing services.

Bizzuka Affiliate Program

We partner with consultants, IT professionals, writers, photographers and others. In other words, you don't necessarily have to be an agency or Web design firm to work with us.

Earn commissions on the sites you bring to Bizzuka for development. We will pay a commission on the upfront development fees based on your level of involvement. We can take even the most complex sites and do all of the work for you.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful and productive day! I really didn't know what to expect coming in, and I was highly impressed at how organized you were, and how smoothly the training progressed. I am growing ever more delighted with the decision to become a partner... your preparedness speaks volumes about your efficiency. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, and the presentations by Thomas and Heather were very informative….and presented creatively. I am really looking forward to pushing my clients towards Bizzuka Content Management and hope to be collaborating with you soon!

Venessa Lewis, A.P.R., Lewis Graphic Design Bizzuka Partner


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