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Digital Marketing and SEO: From Concept to Conversion

So you've got a pretty new website. Is that all you need to be successful online?

Of course not.

  • You've got to get visitors to your site.
  • You've got to get those visitors to find what they're looking for on your site easily.
  • You need to get those visitors to take action and connect with you in some form or fashion.
  • And you need to get those connecting visitors to become customers.

That's why we develop digital marketing strategies with the full marketing life cycle in mind.

When you team up with Bizzuka digital marketing experts, we work with you from demand generation through visitor conversion.

Here are just a few of the things we incorporate into our digital marketing strategies:

  • Competitive Intelligence - We use advanced tools to identify the strategies and tactics employed by your competitors. We identify their strengths and weaknesses and devise strategies to help you beat them at their own game.

  • Content strategy and marketing - Our unique process helps uncover extremely powerful ways to drive highly relevant traffic to your site and engage those visitors at the optimum time in the buying cycle.

  • Search marketing - Our experts will optimize existing pages and craft new ones to gain the highest possible rankings for relevant search queries.

  • Demand generation - After a thorough analysis of your buyers and your competition couple with our unique content development process, we help dramatically increase highly qualified and motivated leads through newsletters, blogs, and email marketing.

  • PPC management - There is no better way to ramp up leads quickly and find out what your prospects are searching for than through pay-per-click advertising. Our experts can help you find new markets, expand your reach, and dramatically increase revenues in days or even hours with a highly effective pay-per-click campaign driven by search engines and/or social media.

  • Web analytics - Some stats are interesting. Some are actionable. We monitor meaningful, actionable metrics that allow us to adjust tactics and strategies in real-time for maximum results. Each month we review you those metrics with you, show you what we did in the previous month, what effect that had on results, and what we intend to do in the coming month to keep the needle pointing upward.

  • Landing page optimization - You only know if a landing page is effective by comparing it to something else. We use A/B split testing to determine which pages outperform others in a continuing effort to maximize results.

  • Conversion rate optimization - Sometimes it's the small things that keep someone for filling out a web form... like 4 fields instead of 3, or a green submit button instead of a red one. We identify friction points and ensure maximum inquiries, subscriptions, and conversions.

  • Sales Monitoring - We integrate all web forms with your CRM, and work with your sales team to monitor lead conversion ratios. We make sure you always know how many of your online leads convert and what that means to you in terms of revenue.


With more than 15 years experience in building websites, driving traffic, and optimizing conversions, our team has the technical chops to do the geeky stuff like search engine optimization (SEO), and our digital marketing consultants have the in depth know-how to help you formulate a winning inbound and outbound marketing strategy.

Digital marketing consulting shouldn't stop at SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and yet that's where most web development firms stop.

Our experience shows (and research backs it up) outbound and organic SEO marketing efforts are far more effective than inbound and social media marketing tactics. So, we develop balanced strategies of inbound and outbound marketing coupled with advanced A/B and multivariate testing to ensure you're not only maximizing traffic but also maximizing the conversion of visitors into customers.

Contact us today for a free web scoring analysis to see if we can help your organization get better results from your online strategy.


"The website is AWESOME! We are beyond pleased with the design and navigation. As for our traffic, we have seen a solid 48% increase in traffic since our launch with Bizzuka!"

Caroline Wilson
Marketing Director
Tech Oil Products



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