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Bizzuka, Inc.

Bizzuka Leadership Team
Lonnie Rouse
EVP Customer Service/Co-Founder

Lonnie should be named in Jack of All Trades and Master of many, and one of his hobbies, flying, is rather useful in describing Lonnie in his work with Bizzuka. He is currently our executive vice president of customer service, yet in his background as co-founder and chief operating officer for Bizzuka, he has worn many hats in both his years with the firm and in his prior experience.

But all of Lonnie's hats were woven out of a common thread - a thread called innovation. This thread, which can be found in all aspects of his life, began nearly 25 years ago when his knowledge and skill in the field of information technology launched him on his way. His technical mind and love of nature and adventure blended well together and earned him a United States Patent in 1999 as inventor of an innovative Imaging & Workflow System.

He joined up with Bizzuka CEO John Munsell in 2000, serving in the role of COO for Webtank, which was the forerunner to the current day Bizzuka. In that role, Lonnie brought about a system that was the key to effective website development. He created an environment where the often diametrically opposed thinking of graphic designers and web programmers came together in balance, a move that not only streamlined production but decreased development cycles by more than 50%.

Lonnie is the backbone of our customer support team. When issues arise, Lonnie and his team members move into action, communicating with the client to assess their issues, and then rapidly moving to a solution that put things back on the right track. It's not uncommon for a client to get a call from Lonnie while he's en route between his Florida home and Bizzuka's Lafayette offices and to have him talk them through to a solution as if he's sitting at an office computer system surrounded by his team. For Lonnie, customer support means taking care of whatever needs doing to help the client resolve issues or concerns. Sometimes it's just an explanatory call on how to work with their website. At others, it's a technical meeting to study connectivity between mobile and full websites and interfaces with social media. But at all times, it's whatever it takes to help the client.

Lonnie lives and works out of Florida and has stepped into the critical role of development and implementation of Bizzuka's Tracker project. When he's not working, he's somewhere on, under, or above the planet earth either hiking, scuba diving, or flying. But wherever he is, he is always about family.